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Please see times below for our Recreation Program Schedule.  Clicking on each title will give you an overview of each day's schedule.

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Does your child need more one-on-one instruction? Look no further!  Victory Sports offers individual and small group private lessons taught by our amazing coaching staff!  Please see the front office for more information or call 281-240-2437.

icon Recreational Class Schedule Fall 2019

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For further information, please contact the Front Office at, (281)240-2437


* TYKE TIME: Open gym play time for parents and their toddlers. A parent must be with their child at all times. $40 per month or $10 Drop in.

* Pre K Gym / Boys & Girls: Intro to Tumbling & Gymnastics, Rolls, Handstands, Body Positions, Cartwheels, Bridge ups, Trampoline, Balance, Strength, Coordination, Confidence, Equipment Basics.

* Boys-Girls Gymnastics 4-6: Intro to Tumbling & Gymnastics. Rolls, Handstands, Body Positions, Cartwheels, Bridge ups, Trampoline, Balance, Strength, Coordination, Confidence, Equipment basics.

* Beginning Girls Gymnastics: For girls wanting to learn the basics of tumbling, trampoline as well as the other Olympic gymnastics events. Skills that will be covered: Cartwheels, Round offs, Handstands, Rolls, Backbends, Kickovers, Body positions.

* Boys Gymnastics: For boys wanting to learn the basics of tumbling, trampoline as well as the other Olympic gymnastics events. Great for strength building & coordination.

* Level 1 Tumbling: For kids mastering the basics of tumbling -Cartwheels, Round offs, Handstands, Rolls, Backbends, Kickovers, Body Positions.

* Level 1.5 Tumbling: Walkovers front and back, working on spotted back handsprings, sequences of skills.

* Level 2+ Tumbling: Can do back handsprings independently on either the floor, trampoline or cheese. Working on combined BHS skills, Back tucks, punch fronts, Aerials.

* Cheer & Tumbling: The following skills will be covered: Cheer Motions, Jumps, Stunting, Walkovers, Round offs, Back Handsprings. A good class to develop a foundation for cheer & tumbling.

* Beginning Tumble-Cheer-Gymnastics: Tumbling basics – Cartwheels, Handstands, Backbends, Round offs, Kickovers, Walkovers. Intro to Cheer & Gymnastics equipment.

* Intermediate Tumble-Cheer-Gymnastics: For kids who have been in classes for a while OR have a strong cartwheel, round off and backbend independently. We will emphasize walkovers, handsprings, punch fronts, as well as more advanced skills on the gymnastics equipment.

* OFF The Wall Agility: This class is an energy burner! Kids will do obstacle course type activities that develop body awareness, agility, strength, balance, coordination & flexibility while having FUN! Perfect for kids wanting to cross train for other sports.